Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Poem Found

I came across this poem as well on my computer. Again....the original of this was also lost and this too is a "remake" attempt. Which one do you like better?

Diamonds in the Grass

It tickles my feet and it sticks to my feet
As I run through the dewy, cool, clean grass
Spraying my legs
As I bathe in the first warm rays of morning

The dewy diamonds glint in the sunlight
Little rainbows dance among the grass
I hurry to gather them all up
Before the sun steals them away

How rich I would be
If there were real diamonds in the grass every morning.

Poem Found

I probably wrote this about a year ago. The original was lost in a move, perhaps it's still at my parent's house somewhere, so both this poem and the other one by the same name on this blog are "remake" attempts of the original. Which one do you like better?

Puddle Jumping in the Rain

The pavement is scorching my bare feet
As the sun sizzles my shoulders.
The air is thick and sticky.
A stillness and quiet are all around

In the distance, the sky is rumbling.
We will have some reprieve
On this sweltering summer’s day.

A gentle breeze disrupts the tops of the trees
They sway and whisper
Sshhhh, sssshhhhh, ssssshhhhhhh

Clouds encroach upon a spotless blue
Growing ever darker as they move
The sky grumbles louder
As the trees have the humidity blown from their leaves

The first raindrop pelts my shoulder
I look skyward and receive another upon my forehead
Drip, drop, drip, drip, drop
Upon my cheeks and on my arms

A flash of light pierces the sky
And a crash of booming thunder follows
The heavens open wide
And I stand there upon the now steamy driveway
Letting the water cascade over my body

Puddles pool on the pavement like dew upon Tulip Tree leaves
And I watch them fill
As water showers down from the sky
Plink, plunk, plink, plink, plunk

The rain washes over my back and down my legs to my feet
Which no longer burn on the pavement.
The puddles invite me to play
I jump from one to the next

Water splashing upon my shins and calves
Splash, splish, splash, splish, splash, splash

Puddle jumping in the rain.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nature’s Wrath

Distant explosions of light and sound
Carry across the valley
Anticipation stirs the core

Stillness is interrupted by a cooling breeze
Harshly descending from above
Chilling to the bone

Dewy spray is carried on the wind
Torrents quickly follow
Cooling the baked earth

Retreat to the warmth and safety
Let the elements do their worst
I will watch in awe

Copyright Kristen Luther – April 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Puddle Jumping In The Rain

The still cooling driveway
is warm on the feet
as puddles collect
in random depressions

Looking up
liquid heaven pours down
relieving the earth
from the baking sun

drip, drop, drop, drip, plop

Heaven smiles down
on her child of nature
embracing all
that is innocent and pure

Bathing her in Love and Light
purifying her heart once again
begging her to run, jump and play...
puddle jumping in the rain.

splish, splash splish

Copyright Kristen Luther - April 2009





Copyright Kristen Luther - April 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Unlocking

- an ode to Sigur Ros

Joy fills my heart
As tears stream down my face.
I feel the familiar pull of childlike abandon.

Beauty emanates from your words, your instruments, your images
Stealing my breath away
Awakening something lost within me
Struggling to free itself once more

Every incomprehensible lyric uttered
With the beat pounding to mimic that of my heart
Resounds a truth that has escaped me
Until I hear your haunting melodies entangled in dreams.

Raw, real, true, pure.....LIFE lived with graceful surrender

Artful images capture a dream sequence
Children boldly conquering life, love and fear
Embracing life's poetry which has been captured
Through your melodies, your work, your ideas.

Poetry expressed both musically and visually.....
Overwhelmingly at the same time.

You bow the strings of my heart with a master's touch
My life forever changed with the knowledge
That you exist in this world
To fill it with pure, raw emotion
As if seen through the eyes of a child.

Your words are foreign,
But the feelings span the divide
Loving, sad, courageous, hopeful.......playful.

How I long to embody and ounce of your passionate abandon

Your creativity.........

Your innocence.......

Your mystery........

Your mastery.

You inspire me..........TO LIVE FULLY!

Copyright Kristen Luther 3/10/2009