Friday, April 3, 2009

The Unlocking

- an ode to Sigur Ros

Joy fills my heart
As tears stream down my face.
I feel the familiar pull of childlike abandon.

Beauty emanates from your words, your instruments, your images
Stealing my breath away
Awakening something lost within me
Struggling to free itself once more

Every incomprehensible lyric uttered
With the beat pounding to mimic that of my heart
Resounds a truth that has escaped me
Until I hear your haunting melodies entangled in dreams.

Raw, real, true, pure.....LIFE lived with graceful surrender

Artful images capture a dream sequence
Children boldly conquering life, love and fear
Embracing life's poetry which has been captured
Through your melodies, your work, your ideas.

Poetry expressed both musically and visually.....
Overwhelmingly at the same time.

You bow the strings of my heart with a master's touch
My life forever changed with the knowledge
That you exist in this world
To fill it with pure, raw emotion
As if seen through the eyes of a child.

Your words are foreign,
But the feelings span the divide
Loving, sad, courageous, hopeful.......playful.

How I long to embody and ounce of your passionate abandon

Your creativity.........

Your innocence.......

Your mystery........

Your mastery.

You inspire me..........TO LIVE FULLY!

Copyright Kristen Luther 3/10/2009

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