Friday, April 16, 2010


I take a moment to assess the damage.
Feeling all the sensations in my body.
I hurt......I ache.....I’ve never felt these muscles before.
Is this a good hurt or a bad hurt?
Frustration brings me to tears.
This can’t be right.
This isn’t in keeping with Ahimsa
I hurt and continue to press on. Am I crazy?
How much more can my body take?
Will I ever be able to go through my day again
And feel completely comfortable
Within my body?

As I consider abandoning my passions for want of a more comfortable existence, I remember this:

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over;
it became a butterfly.”

My body is transforming and awakening.
Other parts are just being born into awareness
And need time to grow.
Tears of frustration turn to joy
I will nurture these parts of me and take the baby steps necessary
In order to emerge stronger than when I began
And take flight from my chrysalis into this new world
As a wiser and more enlightened being.

For nothing great has ever been accomplished without growing pains.

~ Kristen Luther ~

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